Meet the Directors


Pictured: John Scofield and Steve Ison, with Julia Baird (John Lennon’s sister)


Steve Ison


Steve Ison has been president of Meetings and Media, Inc., an Indianapolis-based meeting planning and media production company for 20 plus years and a Beatles fan for twice as long! With over 30 years of experience in film, video, music composition and production, art direction, scriptwriting, and creative management, Steve brings his talents to fruition in Come Together.

“The idea for the documentary came when I went to Liverpool several years with a friend of mine who performed as John Lennon in one of the featured bands. I had never seen anything like it! 300,000 people like me with the same connection…the music of The Beatles. The quality and diversity of the bands was unbelievable. We had to share this story with others.”

Steve, a noted expert and published author in classic Disney animation, also consults for Walt Disney feature animation. As a former director for the Country Music Association in Nashville, Steve has a deep understanding of the music business as well.

John Scofield


John Scofield is the founder and owner of Scofield Editorial, a premier video editing facility serving Indianapolis and Nashville since its inception in 1986. John too was bitten by the Beatle bug in 1964, when he witnessed the The Fab Four live at the Indiana State Fair, and again, in London while attending the world premier of “Help”.

John has produced and edited multiple music videos for the country music market, corporate communications projects for many Fortune 500 companies, and national advertising campaigns. Artists like Kenny Chesney, LeAnn Rimes, and Shania Twain, along with corporate clients like Good Morning America, McDonald’s, and Microsoft have benefited from John’s award-winning talents.

John, a trained musician as well, combined his music experience and production background to make this documentary move in perfect sync.