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If music is the universal language, then the Beatles’ discography is its Rosetta Stone. The band’s compositions cross borders and override cultural differences. Once a year, a select number of bands pay tribute to this music during International Beatle Week in Liverpool, where it all began.

  • Moderated by John Lennon’s sister, Julia Baird, Come Together captures the spirit, energy and creativity of Beatles tribute bands as they perform some of the most influential music of all time.
  • Filmed in Liverpool, birthplace of The Beatles, during International Beatle Week, fans from Tokyo to Stockholm to Las Vegas come together in this film in celebration of their work.
  • Dates on poster for Beatles Week 2016 in Liverpool
  • Horner Guitars and Cavern Club logos

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Come Together – A Beatles Tribute has sold out in film festival releases
from California to Indiana.
Come Together Beverly Hills International Film Festival laurel

What Reviewers are saying

“Captures the heart of a movement that is still alive”
“A must-see for any Beatles fan and for fans of music”
“Five Stars”
“I could watch it again and again”